RRP Nutritional & Poultry Diagnostic Lab2020-10-28T10:48:33+00:00

A) Nutritional Laboratory:

To ensure better quality We have a completely well equipped and modern laboratory in our factory premises one in Ishwardi & another in Norshindi and doing following test like as—

1. Proximate analysis (moisture, crude protein, crude Fiber, either extract, nitrogen free extract, total ash)

2. Calcium

3. Phosphorus



6.Afla Toxin

7.Urease activity


For More accurate analysis of Feed ingredients and raw materials , we
added our lab NIR(Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy) machine.

B) RRP poultry diagnostic and consultation center 

We have also developed RRP poultry diagnostic and consultation center  for breeder  farm and customer service. one is located in Ishwardi and another is  in Norshingdi.